Have we become slaves to Technology?

The dark clouds hovered above and I sat in my couch joyfully watching the breathtaking final of another major tennis grand slam. I had been looking forward to this day since the past two weeks and I could not allow anyone spoil it. Suddenly, bang. The prophetic misfortune had hit me. A strong gust of wind had snapped the power line down the road and I was left wretched in the darkness of the day. I was furious and disturbed. “Why can’t we have simply the perfect technology which can work under any condition, no matter what?” I asked myself. Why do we have to submit to nature and not be allowed a life of our own choice? This is a simple question, but perhaps it is the very reason we today ask ourselves “have we become slaves of technology?”

Human spirit has been an indomitable one. An urge to conquer all that is within its range is its driving instinct from birth to death. This iron-willed human endeavor has led to all major human developments and is responsible for the changes that we see today, but perhaps it is time we observed ourselves in the mirror which history holds up to us and give a deeper thought to our actions. Greed is what that has led to wars amongst humans from time to time. The intoxicating pill of lust and power was swallowed and it was not long before all hell broke loose. The above, reasons as to why the demand for technology was created and why it still remains so tightly attached to our world.  The topic in discussion here demands more depth for it is a direct attack on the faculties of human nature.

Our hearts and minds today are controlled by technology, thus we stand under the category of slaves at the mercy of technology. When man created technology, it was considered the greatest feat of mankind for it was considered the product of intelligence bequeathed to us by nature, but perhaps our obsession has led to our demise .Today we commonly see people indulged in their own little worlds which technology creates for them. They are entombed in the virtual world where they are bound by the invisible shackles of so-called connectivity. Over-dependency on anything is vice .Where once we were the masters of technology, we have been trapped in its deceptive beauty .The eagerness to see the future through the eyes of technology has robbed us of the joys of living in the present. Where technology was developed to unite the world, today we see it as the source of invisible boundaries. One cannot fail to notice how young parents today leave their children at the mercy of electrical gadgets. Technology has made terms like care, concern and compassion, just that, nothing more than a bunch of letters in a dictionary.

Technology has succeeded in conquering the minds and hearts of many a man. A person is supposed to use the superior faculties endowed by nature to understand fellow humans .A human being is not a brain, a heart, a mouth and body but is a composition of all these highly sophisticated faculties which gives him the honor of calling upon himself as the most complex organism of the world. Technology might convey our thoughts through messages but will never recreate the depth of human voice, emotions and the power of body language. When humans treat fellow beings not as ends but merely as means, we break the string of attachment which ties all humanity and blurs our very existence in this universe.


Man is mortal .This has no proof but is only observable by the very state of surroundings around us. When we feel that things are beyond understanding of the human brain, nature is proclaimed the divine adjudicator. The spectacles which nature offers are non-paralleled from what we recreate through technology. The cooing off a nightingale on a starry night offers more serenity and solace, irreproducible with all the sound features technology offers than listening to recorded sounds on the internet. These are but gentle reminders of our relationship with nature, beckoning that we must accept what nature has as gifts and not as our rights. The image which nature conjures through its many astounding processes are still beyond human understanding and perhaps their very beauty lies in our inability to comprehend the message .The cipher is the message alone. There is no wonder camping and hiking amidst the folds of nature still remain one of the best methods of refreshment and seeking peace, which is absent in city life.

Our present situation can be compared to the man on a high paced treadmill who has reached tipping point and might tumble at the smallest increase of speed. We have discovered avenues for knowledge in every field and our quest to understand nature still continues, but perhaps we have lost the reason for indulging in this project. It is time we looked back and analyzed our actions and consequences. Avenues for development have expanded exponentially with each field of research creating its own field and so on ad infinitum. We mar what already has been given to us and then through the use of technology try to improve the case in hand. It is nothing less than the case of going two steps back and one step ahead. It was this never satisfying hunger which led to destruction in the first place but instead of forsaking technology or reducing its use, we aim to develop newer technology to counteract the process. The case of world-War 2 is a glaring example of the above statement. This was also the period of maximum advances in technology. Even today billions of dollars are spent in military funding, only to encourage technological advancement. This technological development is specifically what damages the fabric of nature and human life. The greatest weakness of human nature, its thirst for power and luxury has allowed technology to penetrate through and become one with our lives.


Technology undoubtedly has captivated human mind more strongly than any other revolution, but perhaps it is time we reassess as to what the purpose was for its creation. If we continue to tread this path of human devastation, that day is not far when we become nothing more than robots, pumping materialistic value to the strongest abstract concepts which nature had granted us- love, hope and sacrifice. The mire of technology is sucking this generation and perhaps it is only through the helping hands of the wise shall we be able to plant and nurture the seeds of humanity within our hearts.


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